Introducing the T&T

October, 2019

The perfect balance of technology and tradition

In an exciting new development we have just launched a brand-new saddle design – the ‘Technical & Traditional’ or ‘T&T’, which brings expert design, adjustability and performance to a whole new level.

This ‘next generation’ of adjustable saddle design has all the benefits of the the superb quality leather we use and extraordinary attention to detail of our saddle makers, combined with our revolutionary new EGP system, to ensure that each saddle is expertly tailored for each individual horse and rider today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

While every saddle we make is tailored for the perfect fit for each horse, the unique EGP (ergonomic gullet plate) system which lies at the heart of the T&T design allows these saddles to be quickly and easily adjusted for the changing seasons or the growth of a youngster. What this means is that your Ideal T&T saddle can be adjusted to continue to provide the perfect fit, even though your horse’s shape may change and develop over the years.

Over 5,000 saddles per annum roll off the production line here at Ideal & WRS and our expert technicians have been working to perfect the design of the T&T for over 2 years to ensure that they combine the ultimate in comfort, fit and performance. T&T saddles are proven by pliance® and surpass BS 7875:2009. The saddle trees are made from synthetic materials and the saddles are handmade in Walsall, England, with a UK patent pending.

The T&T will be available across 4 models – Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country and General Purpose and with retail prices starting at just £1,795, these new saddle designs offer quality, comfort and a high spec finish that is not only beautiful, but also affordable.

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